May Meeting Round Up + Good News

Wow! What a fantastic meeting!

In the morning we had a fascinating talk with forensic pathologist, Dr. Judy Melinek. She and her husband, writer T.J. Mitchell, told us all about the ins and outs of “Getting Your Murder Scene Right”. The two discussed the differences between coroners and medical examiners, what exactly Dr. Melinek’s job entails, and the details of what goes on during an autopsy.

Continuing on our crime themed meeting, Detective Tenaya Webb spoke on “How Police Solve Murders”. Ms. Webb filled us in on the ins and outs of police procedures, what really happens during a crime scene, and what TV and movies get wrong and what they get right.

Our Member of the Month was Eleanor Nystrom. Ellie has been working hard behind the scenes for quite some time, quietly making sure everything at out meetings run smooth without anyone even noticing she’s there. She is also one of our main forces behind our RWASD Sprinter’s group, and helps our writers put words down almost every.

Our Atta Girl/Guy went to Cynthia Diamond, who has kept writing during a very tough couple of months of life exploding.


Eleanor Nystrom with President-Elect Tami Vahalik.



Cynthia Diamond with President-Elect Tami Vahalik.

We also had Good News!

  • Linda Rice released Book #5 of “The Necklace” series on 5/20
  • Regan Walker release Rebel Warrior, Book three in her Medieval Warriors series
  • S.B.K Burns pitched her erotic romance, space opera, and steampunk books to the agents of Savvy Authors
  • Kitty Bucholtz entered 3 entries int the California Hooker Contest
  • Kristen Bentz received four requests for manuscripts from the SDSU Writers Conference
  • Shirley Wilder finished writing “Double Vision.”

Our June meeting will feature “How to Quietly Make Six Figures Self-Publishing” with NYT Bestselling Author Angie Fox  and “Best Practices for Self-Publishing from a Book Seller’s Standpoint” with Lori James.

You can sign up here! Hope to see you there!

1 thought on “May Meeting Round Up + Good News

  1. LOL- an I forgot to list my new books on the good new clipboard ;). I released The Emerald Dragon in April and Warrior Wench in May. And the panels were great in May!

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