Meet The Chapter Mates: Rachael Davish


Rachael Davish is one of our up and coming writers who dabbles in contemporary with a dash of paranormal. She is an active member of RWASD and whether its greeting guests or acting as our PRO liaison, she always does it with a dazzling smile.


Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you? What do you write?
I didn’t start out as a writer. Growing up I didn’t think I was a very good writer and definitely didn’t aspire to become a novelist. I thought I would be a professional stage manager for the Old Globe Theater. Most days I’m just a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I write mostly contemporary romances with touches of paranormal.
When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I first considered myself a writer when I joined RWASD. Until then it was a fun experiment to see if I could write a story that I had been dreaming about. My first meeting was an eye opener to the realities of writing. HelenKay Dimon was speaking about deep POV. I sat in my seat wondering what the heck POV and HEA meant and a ton of other terms. Everything HelenKay said not to do, I had done. At that point I knew I had a lot to learn and a writer is always learning and writing.
What does RWASD mean to you?
Community. From my very first RWASD meeting, I felt a feeling of coming home. Everyone in our chapter wants the others to succeed. We take great pride in what our fellow chapter mates accomplish. That isn’t normal in many other professional circles.
What is the biggest challenge you have faced on your journey to becoming a writer?
My own self-doubt. I’ve heard the term- my own worst enemy and I feel that way all the time.
What attracted you to the genre you write? Why does it speak to you?
I can’t really classify my writings as one particular genre. I write the stories that bang the loudest in my mind. A lot of times they cross multiple genres. I simply write the books I want to read.
Where is the weirdest place or what is the weirdest thing that inspired an idea?IMG_6953
I get most of my ideas from dreams, song lyrics, or places I visit. The weirdest place would have to be Tower of Terror at Disney California along with the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. I have a ghost story and going through the line at both rides got me wondering if my heroine runs a bed and breakfast for ghosts. I’m still in the idea of stage, but that would definitely be the weirdest place that inspired me.
Who’s a writer you would do backflips to meet and why?
Actually I already met my fan girl author, Kristan Higgins! She is a great writer and a really nice person. Her books make me laugh out loud, cry and cheer.
If you could go back 20 years ago, What advice would you give yourself?
If I could go back 20 years, I would tell myself to keep finding the joy in my interests, my friends, and my family. I would remind myself to keep looking at the positive even when things look bleak.
Tell us about your latest novel!
I’m working on edits for my December/May romance called Retrain My Heart. My heroine is a thirty-five year old divorcee who falls in love with her much younger personal trainer.
Can you share a little of your current work with us?
When faced with a gorgeous hunk of a man who is ten years younger than you and totally not the right guy for you, you do whatever it takes to keep your mind off his shaggy blond hair and rippling muscles, like imagining him as a counting puppet from a favorite childhood television show. Ten. Count them with me, ten more sit ups. Ha ha ha
“Oh yeah, that’s it. Just like that. Almost there.”
“Owen, I-”
“Ssh Devi. Just keep going. You’re doing so good.” A very naughty tone crept into The Count’s voice. Shuddering at the husky tone to his words, Devorah grimaced at the dual vision of a childhood icon and her unrequited libido.
Owen was off limits and a smoking clad puppet talking about the fourth set of sit-ups wasn’t helping. Anyone walking by catching his words would think dirty thoughts. Or maybe it was just her.
Before you go, any advice to give to the new writers out there?
Keep writing the stories that you want to read. Don’t worry so much about who will or won’t buy them. Take whatever amount of time it takes you do write the best book you can. Just write! And join your local RWA chapter. 🙂

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