Share Your Story: What Brought You to Romance?

I’m going to guess that most of us who read this blog are writers and readers of the romance genre. I know I am. The adventure, the emotion, and the connections found in romance novels are magnifying. And while the relationships are its draw, it’s not the only reason the genre has so much to offer.

I got snagged into the genre when I first started college. I was (and still am) an avid fantasy and horror reader but my well was running dry. I wanted something different. Not only different but a story where a woman was more than just an after thought. After some late night binge studying, I surfed through Amazon, trying to find my next book fix. Since I had never once read romance, I clicked on that link and found my first ever romance read, a medieval historical.

I was addicted ever since.

What drew me in was the female characters. Almost every time I pick up a romance novel, I’m treated to a heroine who is more than just arm candy or a prize to be won. In romance, a woman is allowed to choose their own destiny and relationships. They were more than just a pretty face, they were important, free thinking, and just as vital to the story as the hero was. That empowered me, made me realize that yes, I was more than just a supporting role. I could be so much more. For me, that was so strange, so exciting that I had to read more.

And more.

And More!

Eventually I wrote my own stories, wanting to share those same feelings with others through my heroines. I hope to make that same connection with readers and inspire  that same empowerment.


So please, share you story in the comments section. Who brought you into romance? What do you love about the genre? Why do you write and/or read it?

We would love to hear your story!

5 thoughts on “Share Your Story: What Brought You to Romance?

  1. I got into writing romance because a friend who read romances voraciously challenged me to write one. I had been writing fantasy until then, and took up her challenge. Once I decided to market that project, which was a couple of years later, it sold to Kensington. Et voila! I was a romance writer.

  2. Star Trek – first fiction thing I wrote was a Star Trek Novel in the 70s that 40+ fans pre-read and loved and that Pocket ALMOST bought. I was taking classes when I could, reading (I was reading constantly since I was a professor and had the summers off pretty much) I was also watching Masterpiece Theater when it was, and of course they ran a series of 5-6 hour Jane Austin programs. (These are on DVD now – that Mr Darcy was almost as good as the current one) I was reading Jane and others and had recently become jaded at the SciFi group. (Pre the explosion of paranormal and fantasy female authors) I realized one day that I wanted to write Regency. I was fascinated by it. I must have been – the backlist of trunked stories (captured enough to finish later and stored) is over 86. I will be dead before I ever get them all out! And the pesky things pop into my head at every opportunity. (The Dowd is the new one in my head and demanding attention. Seriphina is in copy edit.)
    I also discovered hot-whatever stories and fell in love with them – attended a Police Department’s Citizen’s Academy (Fremont PD) and wrote my first hot cop stories. Mind you along the way I fell in love with Christine Freehan and the Dark series – which went with my fandom of Dracula (the 1940s version with Bella). So of co use I wrote the Italian Vampire.
    So – many things influenced me and they cycle. Basically – I am happiest writing SOMETHING. Even a revision to my technical textbooks. Driven to write, really.
    Writing was my salvation while caring for my critically ill son and surviving his death. He was adamant that I write my stories and not use him as an excuse. If I didn’t have my writing —

  3. FanFIction got me started writing, and I really wanted to find a universe that I could write in yet have the stories be my own creations. I was single and in my thirties, I loved history, and I desperately wanted Romance in my life. I discovered Regency Romances, and all my buttons lit up! Interestingly enough, when I met my True Love, I stopped writing for a while. He completed my need for Romance so completely that it still takes my breath away. When the kids grew up and left home, I started writing again, rediscovered RWA-SD, and happily embraced self publishing. I couldn’t be happier than how things have worked out. Wishing you all the best.

  4. I have always loved books and read at a very early age. I want to say my first romance book besides fairy-tales was Forever by Judy Blume. Once I discovered a couple of different Harlequin lines in my late teens I was hooked. I can not imagine my life without romance books. Now I am writing my first romance novel and I hope that maybe it will inspire others to looks for their HEA and follow their dreams.

  5. My love of romance novels stems from both of my grandmas. They were both readers for as long as I can remember. I remember trading some of my less racy ones with my grandma Keene when I was in college. It was during a long summer visit when my grandma Vahalik raised her voice at me to stop whining about being bored and to go find a book. There were tons in the room I was staying in. I went upstairs, found a book with a pretty cover (hey I was 12), and oh boy a romance reader was born. She took me to town the next weekend so I could buy the other books in the series.

    As for writing, that’s funny and ironically my grandma had a hand in that as well. I pledged a sorority by myself and I had to take words and make them in to a story, song, poem, whatever. I was being my usual self so I made them even dirtier than they probably thought possible. From there it was expanded and submitted to a magazine that published it. I was so excited I remember talking to my grandma about it and she officially approved my next couple of stories. Always encouraging me to do what made my heart happy.

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