Meet the Chapter Mates: Sorcha Mowbray


This month we feature the always sassy, Sorcha Mowbray! Sorcha loves all types of romance genres and dables in many of them, always with steamy heat that burns the covers. You can find her works at


Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you? What do you write?
I’m Sorcha Mowbray. I write romance that tends to singe the sheets…of paper. I focus mainly on Contemporary, Modern Westerns, and Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian romance. I use the term focus in the most generous sense of the word. I have also been known to write the odd historical romance. I once thought that was what I wanted to write.


When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I’ve always been a writer, I put words on paper. But I didn’t start actually thinking about it in the sense of I should publish something until the mid 2000’s. I played with the idea, submitted to some people, and even got an official rejection letter from an agent. So Maybe that was the moment I was officially a writer? But around 2009 I started to really focus on the idea of publishing books, like seriously working on craft and understanding the business.


What does RWASD mean to you?
RWASD = Support. I love having this circle of people I can reach out to and know that they not only share my dream but believe that we all can achieve it. That together we are stronger than we are alone. And of course, we have some of THE most awesome people in our chapter.


What is the biggest challenge you have faced on your journey to becoming a writer?
Time. I work a full time job and have a husband (I have no idea how you all with kids can juggle it all), so time is always my biggest challenge. Its never enough and never in the right spot.


What attracted you to the genre you write? Why does it speak to you?
Wait. Were only supposed to write in one genre? So does that make me Cybil? Ha! I love each genre I write in for different reasons. But the common denominator is that I write spicy/erotic romance. And I do it for a reason. Sex is part of every healthy relationship (and some less healthy ones, but you know what I mean). And I am a believer that the intimacy shared in the bedroom is an important part of the foundation of a relationship. That is why I write books with sex. Because you aren’t truly seeing the full development of the relationship if you aren’t seeing those moments where the characters are literally naked and vulnerable.


Where is the weirdest place or what is the weirdest thing that inspired an idea?
Maybe my historical romance series, The Market. I just had this idea about what would happen if two people had sex but didn’t know they knew each other and then what would happen when they discovered they did know each other. That presented some challenges, like how could two people have sex and not know each other? And in Victorian England? Oh, well duh! Clearly they must be in a brothel. Oh and well of course they are wearing masks. Needless to say it turned into a three book series from there.


Who’s a writer you would do backflips to meet and why?
Cherise Sinclaire. That woman writes some amazingly powerful and super hot books. The depth of emotion she pulls out of her characters makes me want to be her when I grow up one day.


If you could go back 20 years ago, What advice would you give yourself?
Don’t worry about that failed dance career. It all works out.


Tell us about your latest novel!
Love & Punishment (Tales From Epsilon, Book 1) is part of Decadent Publishing’s Love and Punishment-highresBeyond Fairytales line. It is a post-apocalyptic, MC romance set in what was San Diego, CA. It is a MMF menage story that is a twisted retelling of Beauty and the Beast…but with multiple beasts. 😀 Oh and beauty is an assassin. No, no you probably don’t want to understand the inner workings of my mind. Here’s the blurb:

Once upon a time…

Bel was a happy girl with loving parents. Now she lives for revenge. At her father’s urging a plan is set in motion which quickly spins out of control. Expecting to be used and abused by The Beasts MC, who are known for their orgiastic ways, she is prepared to accept her fate in order to execute her mission.

The time has come to even the score with the men responsible for her mother’s death.

Nate and Liam, leaders of The Beasts, have their hands full ensuring the survival of their people as they sell Beast Brew to survive in a city crumbling around them. When a Rose MC member is plucked from their care the laws of Epsilon demand the perpetrator forfeit his life. But then the leader of The Devil’s Disciples’ daughter offers herself in exchange for his life, and they can’t refuse the beauty’s plea.

Once she’s pressed between them they know they’re keeping her for their own, but first they must figure out why she’s there.


Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Harlon stood outside in the darkness and listened to the music seeping out of the building. It had been a good night already, and he was sure there was more pleasure ahead. The new girl, Teal, sported a hot little body on her. And since he’d seen her pure hedonistic side the last few months, he couldn’t help but want a sample of that for himself. Jimmy was fun to fuck, but there was something about a woman that made his blood sing.
He reached down and adjusted his growing erection. Hard to believe he was up for more fun. But, then, why not? No wife. No significant other. No responsibilities except making beer for The Beasts and fucking. Lots and lots of fucking. It was the life he’d strived for since he’d been thrown out of his house at age 15.
Beer. Yeah, the party needed more beer.
He opened the outer door of the warehouse, but stopped at the inner set of swinging doors. He caught a flash of movement, and there wasn’t anyone who was authorized to be in his inner sanctum. All of the Beasts knew to stay out of his space. Angry at the violation of his warehouse he slammed the door open letting it slap against the wall with a deafening bang.
A woman–holy shit, more like a girl–spun around to face him. Her dark eyes sat huge in her face as she turned pale at being caught. Her sweetly bowed lips opened in surprise as he screeched to a halt. Unfortunately, the grain she held in her hand was now trickling all over the floor and her bare feet instead of back into the bin where she had obviously been sifting her hand through it. What the fuck?
“Who the hell are you?” His anger was dissipating even as he realized how young she was. But he still needed to know who she was and why she was in his warehouse.
“I-I-I’m, Alex…” Her name faded into the quiet of the cavernous space and made it hard to hear the rest of what she said.
No matter. He heard enough. “Alex, whoever you are, why are you in my warehouse–molesting my grain?”
“Oh, crap.” She turned about five shades of red and dumped the small mound of ingredients back in the bin he stored it in. She faced him with both hands behind her back and rocked on her heels like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar. “Sorry. I wandered away from the party and the door was unlocked.”
Christ, she had been at The Beast’s party? Wasn’t she too young and innocent to hang at something like that? “The door was unlocked because everyone knows to stay the fuck out of my space.”
She glanced around uncertain, almost as though she hoped someone might come in and rescue her. And damn it, something weirdly protective surged inside him. Made him want to be the one to protect her. Fuck that. “Get out, and don’t come back.”
For some reason she didn’t scurry out of the building like she should have. Instead she started walking out very slowly, as if she didn’t want to leave. As she neared him, her shoes hanging from the fingers of one hand, she stopped and looked up at him. “What do you do with the grain? Is this the food storage area?”
“Get out of here, little girl.” He tacked that last bit on to remind himself she was too young and innocent to garner his interest.
She chewed her lower lip, dropped her gaze to the floor and scooted to the door. There, she stopped again to slip the sky high heels back on her feet. The shoes added inches to her height and completed the innocently sexy outfit she wore. The skirt barely covered her ass and the ruffles all over it made a man want to touch it. Touch her.
He took a step toward her, damn near losing his battle for control, but she squealed and darted out the door. Fuck, his brain was so addled with lust at the moment he somehow had managed to see the little girl wandering in his building as an object of lust. Maybe his dad had been right? Maybe he was an abomination? No. He refused to allow that man’s insidious voice back in his head. Crap talk turned into crap thought. He figured that out after he was on his own for a while.
He sighed and headed back to the store room. Grab the case of beer then go find Teal. She was a woman a man could slake his lusts on.


Before you go, any advice to give to the new writers out there?
BICHOK – Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard
If you aren’t writing you aren’t going to get there from here. Also, start a newsletter now. Even if you haven’t published a thing. Build your reader base. Social media is great, but your newsletter isn’t subjected to the latest social media fad.

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