Literacy Bash Roundup and Good News!


What a wonderful day!

Our 2015 Literacy Bash was a huge success. Special thanks for the RWASD members who volunteered their time and gave generously to our amazing raffle. Without them, this event wouldn’t have been as fantastic as it was.


Only a small portion of our raffle. Thank you Donnamaie White for the photo!

Our speaker for the event was the fabulous Kristan Higgins a two-time RITA award winner, and elected member of the RWA National Board of Directors. Her first talk revolved around what it takes to succeed as a writer. In her hilarious power point presentation (with hunky male photos a plenty) she key points on how to survive in the writing business.

  • The courage to begin.
    • Don’t wait for that perfect moment. Start now and give yourself a deadline
  • The courage to show up.
    • Talents don’t mean much if you do not harness it. Sit down and do the work.
  • The courage to become better.
    • Embrace the humility in not being the best. Take your time.
  • The courage to cut your losses.
    • It’s alright to admit your book isn’t good enough.
  • The courage to try new things.
    • Write badly. Don’t wait for the perfect word.
  • The courage to write when you’re not feeling it.
    • Sometimes your best work comes when its the hardest.
  • The courage to take yourself seriously.
    • Acknowledge what a great and serious thing we do as writers.
  • The courage to hear critique of your work.
    • Hearing how some people hated your work is part of the game.
  • The courage to embrace a better way.
    • Writing makes us better people.


After a delicious lunch and some Q & A, Kristan spoke on secondary plot lines and characters and how to do them well.  She touched on:

  • The roles of secondary characters as mentor, nemesis, best friend, reflector, and deflector.
  • How linking the secondary characters involvement in a protagonist’s life makes them more layered and interesting.
  • That its wise to amp up their roles when the plot needs to expand, when the main plot line needs a break, when the protagonist needs to suffer a set back, or all of the above.
  • When to “kill” them.
  • Secondary plot lines give your story color and life to the main plot.
  • They should contribute to the story but also interfere with the protagonist’s goals.
  • They also never have to be tied up in a neat bow at the end.

On top of the great talk with Kristan Higgins we awarded two of our chapter mates with very high honors.

The Barbara Faith award was given to Tameri Etheron for all the hard work and dedication she has given to our chapter. She did it all with a smile and with a million sparkles.

Member of the Year was awarded to our current president elect, Janet Tait for keeping our chapter running so smoothly and performing some amazing feats behind the scenes to make it so.


Plus, tons of Good News from our chapter mates!

  • Pamela Moran – Releasing Sexy To Go Vol. 8 -11 each month plus a Halloween Edition.
  • Margaret Taylor and Pamela Moran will be teaching at Writer University February 1-12. Creating Characters using Astrology and Inside Scoop: Truth Behind Law Enforcement Relationship
  • Margaret Taylor is also teaching Investigations 101 at Writer University May 16 -27
  • Linda Thomas Sunstrom -awarded RT’s Reviewer’s Choice for Best Book 2015 for Wolf Born.  Also has 3 upcoming releases: Midnight Court (January 2016), Immortal Redeemed (April 2016), and Half Wolf (July 2016)
  • Judy Duarte – Just got a 6 book contract for Harlequin Special Edition
  • Mary Galusha – Made PAN!
  • Jackie Allen – Newest book An Unsuitable Husband has just been released.
  • Silvia Mendoza – Won 1st place and several 2nd place awards for “Excellence in Journalism” for magazine writing for the San Diego Press Club. She also got a 2 book deal for YA nonfiction biographies.
  • Lisa Kessler – Hunter’s Moon and Blood Moon were Top Picks in The Romance Reviews. Also Ice Moon came out on November 16th.

Our next meeting is our Holiday Potluck on Saturday, Dec. 12th at the Trinity Church in Escondido.

On a personal note, I wanted to give a thank all of the wonderful members of RWASD. This was my third literacy event and every year I leave feeling a deep kinship with you as well as walk away completely inspired to keep writing. I would never have had the courage to pursue this without all your support, knowledge, and friendship.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!

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