Share Your Story: Celebrate Yourself!


So I just released my second book. It was a tough journey filled with delays, road blocks and many bottles of wine but I did indeed finish the sucker! After I was done I did a little dance of victory, slept for about twelve hours, and then I planned a party to celebrate the release.

While doing so, I asked myself “Why bother with a party? You’ve already done this before. This is nothing new. Is that excessive?” I realized that even if this wasn’t the first time I released a book, I still needed to celebrate the moment. It was a rite of passage, a message to tell myself “You did it! Keep going!”

As writers, we write. We write, we pour our souls into a story, and we release it into the world for everyone else to read. Sometimes we don’t realize how extraordinary that is but lets face it, there aren’t many people who have the determination or the guts to do what we do. That is something to be celebrated. We need to take that time to treat ourselves and celebrate these moments of victory because even though the book is out, there is still so much more work to do.

So how do you celebrate your little victories? Do you have a get together? Go out to dinner? Maybe a marathon of all the TV shows you missed while writing your book? Please share your stories of celebration in the comments section!

There’s a long road ahead of us so lets take the victories when we can.

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2 thoughts on “Share Your Story: Celebrate Yourself!

  1. Hmmmmm- I think this year I have been so focused on not losing my marbles, I haven’t really done anything to celebrate! I was too freaked out when book one came out to have a signing party (what if no one came?!) and now I am still trying to get book three going while polishing book two…I really should do something!

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