Share Your Story: How do you push through?


So here I am, sitting at my computer and wracking my brain for a blog post. I’ve been deep in revisions with my book and editing for two weeks, the day job has been relentlessly evil, and home time usually consists of me pondering “When did I last cleaned out the cat boxes?” I am tired, I am cranky, and I am drawing blanks on what the heck to write.

Then it hits me, why not talk about pushing through? Because that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. Granted, pushing through isn’t the most ideal way to get words down but its effective and gets the dirty job done.

So today’s Share Your Story question is how do you push through on days when you just don’t want to write?

For me, my highest motivator is my deadline. Most of them I set for myself but they do turn up the motivation. Giving myself a due date forces me to push forward. If I tell myself, “Oh it will get done when it gets done,” trust me, it will never get done.

I’m also not above a reward system. On certain days (like today) I think “Okay, if you get this blog post down and then edit another chapter of your book, you’ll be free up tonight to go out to dinner or watch an episode of that show on Netflix.” My reward for getting my work done. I’ll admit it, I am very gift motivated.

Once again, I invite you to share your story in the comments section. Perhaps your method will inspire others!

6 thoughts on “Share Your Story: How do you push through?

  1. Oh really tough days, I set short tiny goals like For 30 minutes I’ll just write. No email, FB or twitter, just write.

    And usually after a half hour things are moving again and I write for longer… 🙂

    Hope you find your inspiration!

    Lisa 🙂

  2. Glad to know I’m not the only one having those stuck moments today. I use music, and work on half-hour timed writes. It helps to just get thoughts out.

    Keep being awesome!!


  3. I’m trying something new this week that was recommended to me by my husband. He uses this technique in business to work through his “to do” list. It’s a point system and I’ve decided to earn 20 points per day. For example, two hours of research for my non-fiction book is valued at 5 points. Writing a blog post, 10 points. Submitting an article, 5 points, etc. It helping me staying focused and not get discourage by overwhelming projects that have no short-term rewards.

  4. I’ve done @bleuwater’s system before with good results if I’m in a routine-driven part of my life. That hasn’t been the case since we moved back to America four years ago! Haha! Due to a lot of stress in life these last few years, I tend more toward Lisa’s system of tiny goals (sometimes as little as “open the file and write one sentence”) with a lot of super-nice, encouraging talk to the five-year-old in me stomping her feet. 🙂 Sometimes, I don’t even make the tiny goal, sometimes I’ll get the one sentence in and no more, but a lot of times I get a little more done or AT LEAST get my brain thinking about the story again so I have something to write the next session.

    Great post idea, Cynthia!

  5. Dust bunnies can wait – I am working around packing boxes – from the move DOWN here. If I don’t touch it for 2 years – it will leave. Possibly walk out the door on its own. I don’t care. My books are my babies now. I am also learning to use a planner. Edit. Assemble. Send for format. Send for copy edit. Review edits. Design cover. Generate the zillion versions of your cover needed. Write a blurb. Post. Fix the website. All three of them. NO, all FIVE of them. step. step. step. I find having something on the list pushes me to not get distracted. Facebook? Kill people who post things you don’t want to see. Thin the friends list. Thin the follow list. set times limits on Facebook and email. Turn them OFF while working. Turn off the volume on the system so no one can beep you. Walk the dogs and plan things in your head. Just. Keep. Moving.

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