Meet The Chapter Mates: Marie Andreas

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Its time for another round of Meet the chapter mates! This month we focus on Marie Andreas, who just released her first book,The Glass Gargoyle, Book One in The Lost Ancients series.

Marie is an awesome lady with a passion for fantasy, fun, and definitely tea.

Let’s find out more about Marie and her awesome new book!

Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you?

That’s a loaded question!  LOL!  I’m a dreamer, I have always told myself stories, whether they be about the cute boy in my math class, or an offshoot of a favorite TV show or book. I do have an evil day job, totally unrelated to writing that reminds me every day why I write.  I also have a Masters in Psychology, but it doesn’t appear to be hindering me in having a normal life, so I mostly ignore it.

What do you write?

I write fantasy, SF, and steampunk with romantic elements- my plots could survive without the romantic element structurally, but they would be without heart.  I always start with my couple ☺.


When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Another loaded question!  Short answer- last week when my book came out ☺. I had a hard time telling others I was a writer- even though I’ve been doing it a VERY long time.


What does RWASD mean to you?

Friendship, support, people who understand what this is all about.  I know I wouldn’t be where I am as a writer without RWASD.


What is the biggest challenge you have faced on your journey to becoming a writer?

Self-doubt. It is crippling. When an agent I respected and an editor I also respected, both turned down two different fulls while still saying they loved them, BUT….I turned to self-publishing.  I love it, but it is not an easy path at all.


What attracted you to the genre you write?

I grew up reading fantasy and SF- each month my family would troop down to the library and each of us would check out a dozen books- mine were always fantasy/SF. As I grew up I started liking romance books too- so I’ve spooshed them together- sort of a chocolate/peanut thing!


Why does it speak to you?

I love going into other worlds and seeing the basic human emotions are still there- even when the characters may or may not be human.


Where is the weirdest place or what is the weirdest thing that inspired an idea?

I am sure there were others, but the only one I can think of were the squirrels. I sometimes go writing out and about and one day I was working on the first draft of The Glass Gargoyle while at Balboa Park.  I was under a tree and a very aggressive squirrel harassed me the entire time I was there. He became the army of possessed demonic squirrels who do battle with my drunken faeries.


Who’s a writer you would do back flips to meet and why?

Mercedes Lackey- just because of the impact she had on the fantasy genre, and the way she wove in romance in almost all of her stories.

If you could go back 20 years ago, What advice would you give yourself?

Write faster!  LOL!!  I would say believe in yourself ☺.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? 

lost ancients glass gargoyle layers 2_1

The Glass Gargoyle is available now on Amazon!

This is a VERY rough piece from The Obsidian Chimera- the second book in The Lost Ancients Trilogy (coming out in June 2015 ;)).

A dark form leapt up on the bar and got between me and the troll and shoved the dying beast away.

Lean and obviously male, he was wearing a long black cloak with the hood up. Had Alric come back? I wasn’t sure how I felt about that after the way he left me, but I was grateful not to be a pile of smashed digger under that troll’ s foot.

“Alric?” The man that turned, while easily as handsome as Alric, was definitely not him. He reached down to help me stand up on the bar but it was difficult with him trying to be gentle and me sitting like a lump of lead bricks.

He was handsome on a level I’d never seen before—even surpassing Alric. His rich black hair was vibrant and thick and his face could make an angel weep with un-repented lust.

And if those tilted silver eyes and pointed ears where an indication, he was an elf. I’d never seen an elf outside of drawings. No one had. They’d vanished over a thousand years ago.

Before you go, any advice to give to the new writers out there?

Never stop learning- ever.  Never allow others to take or damage your dreams. If someone says “you MUST…” in relation to the writing process, smile, nod, thank them. And run away.  Most importantly NEVER give up.

To find out more about Marie, check out her website and her blog.

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