Meet The Chapter Mates: Tameri Etherton

What better way to get to know our own chapter than with a good old-fashioned interview! Once a month we’ll be picking a chapter mate to find out a little more about them and their current projects.

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This month we’re featuring Tameri Etherton, author of The Stones of Kaldaar.

Tameri is a fun-filled gal who has a passion for writing. She shares that passion with everyone she meets. Lets find out a little more about her!



Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you? What do you write?

I’m a glittery kind of gal who loves a good cup of tea, chatting with friends, and hanging out with my prince charming. My two kids also keep me busy, but I make the time to write every day.

I love writing in a variety of genres ~ fantasy, romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and erotic romance, mostly. Switching genres helps me keep energized and excited about the stories. Especially since I’m writing a series and being immersed in that world for too long makes me miss little details. Switching to erotic romance swings me right out of that funk!

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I’ve heard a writer is someone who writes. So, I’ve always considered myself a writer because I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. I didn’t consider myself an author until my first novel was published. It’s still a thrill to see my name on a finished book and realize, hey, I’m an author.

What does RWASD mean to you?

RWASD is full of wonderful, soul-enriching men and women who each month fill my creative well with their support, their achievements, and their friendship. I adore the members of our chapter and look forward to seeing everyone at the meetings. It’s humbling to be part of an organization with so many accomplished authors, all of whom are incredibly giving with their time, their advice, and their experience. It makes me want to pay it forward to the next generation of writers and that’s a beautiful thing.

Etherton - GrootWhat is the biggest challenge you have faced on your journey to becoming a writer?

Learning everything I didn’t know! Writing is the easy part ~ it’s discovering the minutiae of what it takes to publish a book. There’s always more to learn, more to figure out, more to frustrate the heck out of you, but you’ve got to persevere. This writing gig is the best job in the world. Not only that, it’s my passion. And when you have a true passion for something, you never stop challenging yourself to be better. For me, that’s being a better writer, mentor, and business person. It’s that last one that always trips me up, but to publish books, you have to understand the business of writing as well as the craft of putting words to paper.

What would you consider your ‘Magic Moment’ while writing? When you love what you are doing? When you feel most in the zone and the words just flow?

I love writing, so pretty much any time I sit down to write, it’s a magic moment. I tend to plot while napping, or walking, or cleaning the house, so I don’t often have trouble with the story and when I sit down to write, I write. My true magic moments come when I’m reading over my work—to edit, revise, or just to remind myself where I was at in the story—and a scene captures my heart. There are several scenes in both book one and two of the fantasy series that I’ll cry each and every time I read them. Those moments are magic. Every. Single. Time.

Where is the weirdest place or what is the weirdest thing that inspired an idea?

Well, just the other day I was lying on a nice heated table with acupuncture needles in my face, ears, arms, and legs. Which meant I couldn’t move. There I was, just relaxing when it occurred to me I had to kill off a character I love. I understood it with such clarity that it hit me hard. I might even have shed a few tears, which was awkward because I couldn’t move. Then I hoped the poor doctor didn’t come in because he’d freak and think I was in pain from the acupuncture. I’m still bummed I have to kill this character, but it’s what the story demands.

Steamy or sweet? Which do you prefer?


If you could go back 20 years ago, What advice would you give yourself?

 Stay awesome. Everything you’re doing, it’s going to work out in the end, just keep doing it! Oh, and I’d tell myself how much I think she’s super fabulous and to not listen to the haters. Then I’d give myself a kiss and whisper, ‘I love you’.

 Tell us about your latest novel!

Tameri's current book "The Stones of Kaldaar" is available now!

Tameri’s current book “The Stones of Kaldaar” is available now!

Sweet! I love chatting about books. My latest novel is book two in the Song of the Swords fantasy series. The Temple of Ardyn continues the story of a young woman who was raised on Earth and taken to another world. Half of her family is out to kill her, there’s an assassin stalking her, and her evil sister betrays her in the most vile way imaginable. All of this is happening to her while she’s learning to control magical powers. It’s crazy fun. Oh yeah, and in this book she gets to have sexy time with her betrothed. Readers were a little upset they didn’t hook up in book one. But the villains sure did! I think the readers will be quite pleased with Taryn and Rhoane’s relationship for a little while. Then it might break their heart. I know it does mine. But I’m a sappy kind of gal, and every book needs a little happily ever after. Until the next book…


To find out more about Tameri and her work, visit her website: A Cup of Tea and Sorcery.

10 thoughts on “Meet The Chapter Mates: Tameri Etherton

  1. This was so much fun! Thank you for allowing me to share some of myself with everyone.

    I can’t wait to read about other members! Thank you, Cynthia and Kristin for the fab idea.

    Until then ~ be amazing!


  2. Great interview, both the questions and the awesome, glittery answers! Congratulations on all your writing successes, Tameri! I’m sure there’s so many more to come!


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