January Good News!

San Diego RWA Good News: January 2015


Terry Irene Blain sold Charity For a Ranger, the first of three Texas historical romances to Desert Breeze.


Shoshana Brown received a request for a revise & resubmit from Entangled for Pretty in Ink.


Kitty Bucholtz released A Very Merry Superhero Wedding on December 24th.


Susan Burns will be releasing the novella A Far Far Better Thing, the prequel to her Legend of the Goldens series, under her pen name, S.B.K. Burns.


Tameri Etherton entered The Stones of Kaldar into the Holt, the IPPY, the Reader’s Favorite and the Judge A Book By Its Cover contests.


Kimberly Field just got accepted into RWA and joined our chapter in January.


Gloria Gay has had another regency accepted by Boroughs.


Tessa McFionn “finally got a book published.” Spirit Fall.


Pamela Moran will be releasing Gavin’s Woman at the end of January and Dreamwalker: Key to Paradise, a short story in the Sexy To Go Anthology.


Bob Richard just published Autumn Breeze.


Linda Thomas Sundstrom has signed a contract for 2 books with Harlequin Nocturne.


Becca Syme, a guest in January, is releasing Lachlan’s Revenge, a medieval, on Feb. 1.


Regan Walker made PAN in December and saw her medieval romance, The Red Wolf’s Prize reach #1 on Amazon’s Top 100 Medieval Romances.

We had so much fun at this meeting- there were bubbles everywhere!

 Atta Girl -Sylvia Mendoza and President Elect Tameri Etherton

Member of the month Linda Thomas Sundstrom and President -Elect Tameri Etherton