May 2014 RWASD Good News

Join us as we celebrate our chapter mates and their accomplishments!

–         Ann Siracusa is celebrating the release of A Timeless Melody on May 30th. Congratrulations, Ann!

–         Donnamaie White got a new toilet. That’s awesome, Donnamaie! (Sorcha made her write that. Or maybe it was Sorcha’s evil twin Dara?)

–         Janet Tait celebrated the book release of Cast into Darkness on April 12th. Congratulations, Janet!

–         Kristen Koster submitted a full of Beneath His Touch to the Knight Agency, per their request. Fingers crossed for Kristen!

–     Laura Connors made the top 200 of the NYC Midnight International Short Story Competition. Yay, Laura!

–     Laura Connors received a request for the first 5 chapters of Sea of Fate from Deidre Knight. Fingers crossed.

–         Lisa Kessler is a RomCon 2014 Readers Crown finalist with Moonlight. Good luck, Lisa!

 –         Melissa Cutler celebrated the book release of How To Rope A Real Man on May 6th. Way to go, Madam President!

 –         Pamela Moran is celebrating the release of Blind Sight this month. Great job, Pamela!

–         Shirley Ann Wilder signed a contract with Boroughs for Fly Me. Congrats, Shirley!

–         Sorcha Mowbray is a RomCon 2014 Readers Crown finalist with both Love Reclaimed and Murders & Acquisitions. Good luck, Sorcha!

May’s Member of the month :Terry Blain with President-elect Janet Tait


May’s “Atta Girl” : Rachael Davila with President-elect Janet Tait


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The Romance Writers of America's San Diego chapter promotes excellence in romantic fiction, helps writers become published and establish careers in their writing field, and provides continuing support for writers within the romance publishing industry. Contact us for more information about RWASD.

4 thoughts on “May 2014 RWASD Good News

  1. Thank you for the great honor of Atta-Girl. Writing is a such a fun part of my life and I couldn’t do any of it without my chapter mates. Thank you!

  2. I can’t believe you put that on-line!!!! Yes – the Devil made me do it! OK – yes – I am remodeling a house that had tenants for 11 years and has sat “vacant” except for my wild monthly visits to make people think I lived here for nine years. (484 mile drive each way.) I know I5 very well. Inspired my CHP stories. And I am going to have 2 new bathroom floors and 2 more new toilets shortly. And a pantry (2 cabinets – 36x18x84). And a new kitchen. (demo and rebuild). And an enclosed in porch/deck. And new low water and fire retardant landscaping (got hit heavily in the Cedar fire). So what am I doing today? Writing Collateral Damage – a new Hot Cop story. I just finished the Ride-Along and the Sheriff. Someone kick me in the butt and make me submit! Short stories on Ravenous Romance is part of my business plan.

  3. Thanks for the good wishes for MOONLIGHT!!!! Just discovered it finaled for the San Diego Book Awards too!!! YAY!!!!

    Congratulations to all our RWASD members on all the good news… Even the toilet! LOL

    Lisa 🙂

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