Update from RWASD Membership- NEW MEMBERS!

Renewal season is but a distant memory, and RWASD is proud to count 112 members for 2014. Thank you to all our current members for supporting the chapter and our activities. Your dues payments are an important part of chapter income that helps fund our programs and special events.


Welcome to our newest members who joined RWASD in 2014:


Aubrey Rose has self-published for two years mainly in new adult romance and paranormal. She lives in San Diego and joined RWASD on January. She’s currently working on a short paranormal vampire romance novel, and you can say hello to her at her website www.aubreyrosewrites.com.


Tessa McFionn is beginning her first foray in the realm of publishing and joined RWASD on January 27th. She lives in San Diego and has a variety of special interests, including dancing, acting, singing, watching movies, sword play and ancient weaponry.


Sirena Andrews joined the chapter on February 28th, and she writes under the pen name Catherine Stuart. She lives in San Diego and will be self-publishing her first novel in May 2014.


Nina Cordoba is another long distance member for RWASD and lives in Houston, TX. She attended our February meeting to hear our fantastic speaker, and then joined the chapter a week later (we must have been very impressive!!). She and her husband may move to San Diego, so we hope she does so soon and can take part in more of our great meetings. Visit her website and say hello at www.ninacordoba.com.


Donnamaie White lives in San Diego and writes under the pen name Caliente Morgan. She joined RWASD on March 4th, and was a member and past president of the Silicon Valley RWA chapter. She also ran their newsletter, judged contests and helped plan their conference (so when does she ever find the time to write!).


Michelle Gable is from Cardiff and joined on March 19th. Her debut novel A PARIS APARTMENT comes out on April 22, 2014 with St. Martin’s Press/Thomas Dunne Books. Though not strictly a romance, she says there is a romantic element. Drop by her website to learn more at www.michellegable.com.


RWASD Co-Secretaries Susan Burns and Christine Locksy




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About RWA San Diego

The Romance Writers of America's San Diego chapter promotes excellence in romantic fiction, helps writers become published and establish careers in their writing field, and provides continuing support for writers within the romance publishing industry. Contact us for more information about RWASD.

7 thoughts on “Update from RWASD Membership- NEW MEMBERS!

  1. Welcome to all our new members! RWA SD is truly fabulous, you’ll love it here!

    Make sure to check out the website to see what’s coming up at our next meeting. It’s going to be a great one!

    See you soon.

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