Proud of our new Debut Authors!

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At RWA San Diego it’s always fun to cheer for our newest published authors, and these two debut authors are also with a brand new publisher!  We had a few questions for them about their experience and their books…

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Hi Regan…  Congratulations on your debut historical romance!  Tell us about getting “the call” from your publisher…
It was very exciting. I was at home when the publisher called and gave me the good news and my heart started to race. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. So thrilling!
How was your experience being a new author with a new publisher?
Once you are a published author, the world changes a bit as you go into a promotional phase. Oddly enough, this also spurred me to want to finish the second book in the Agents of the Crown trilogy as my editor is now urging me to do (I am 2/3rds finished!). My publisher and my editor have been wonderful.
Why did you choose to go with an ePublisher?
While it’s nice to have a paperback to hold, eBooks are the future and I wanted my book published. So I was content to publish in e format; and a publisher who is dedicated to the digital world wants to keep up with that world. Boroughs is on the cutting edge of the trend and I’m glad to be one of their authors. ePublishing is fast and flexible. I so love that!
Burroughs made a splash when they partnered up with Chris Keeslar…  What was he like to work with?
I LOVE working with Chris. He is wonderfully creative and willing to engage in a back and forth, which we did on every change. I learned from him and I think both of us enjoyed the process and felt good about the end product. We had some laughs and some insights that alone would not have been possible. Chris was a big draw for me to go with Boroughs.
What have you learned so far that has surprised you?
I can’t say there have been any surprises. But there have been some pleasant things happen. Fro example, I was delighted when Boroughs let me pick my own cover artist (Kim Killion) who I’d been lobbying for, and it was fun designing the cover. I had some very specific ideas about the elements and the design, and they all came to fruition in the final product. I don’t think this would have been possible with a more traditional, rigid publisher.
Please tell us about your book!
RACING WITH THE WIND is the first in the Agents of the Crown trilogy. Each of the three books features a hero who is asked by the Prince Regent to undertake a unique task as his “agent.” The first one, out now, is set in London and Paris in 1816 and tells of the intrepid daughter of an earl who leaves Regency London for the Parisian court of Louis XVIII, where she finds adventure, mystery, and above all, love–with a legendary figure, the Nighthawk, who is really a British lord.
Thank you Regan!  And our next Debut Author to introduce is our long-time member, Shirley Wilder and TOO MANY COOKS

Hi Shirley…  Can you tell us about getting “the call” from your publisher?

I actually had signed a contract with another e-publisher although I had met Michelle Klayman of Boroughs Publishing Group at our November meeting and she’d approached me about sending her something, I felt I was committed to the previous publisher since I’d signed the contract.  Well, before the ink was dry, they closed the company down.  I was devastated, but finally did send that book off to Boroughs and when they called; I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t in la-la land.  It was like I’d been given a second chance and I believe it is much better than the first offer. Fate had a hand in this.

How was your experience being a new author with a new publisher?

My experience with Boroughs Publishing Group could not be better. They treat all their authors like royalty and made me, personally, feel so comfortable and so at home. Our treatment at the RWA national conference was wonderful. We were truly like family—even better—no one had any grudges against anyone—unlike my brother when I ratted him out to mom.

Why did you choose to go with an ePublisher?

With the way the publishing world is going, I believe it is the way of the future.  My daughter is a flight attendant for an Airlines flying domestic and international and she’s witnessed the popularity of e-readers in her travels. It’s not just limited to the airline personnel, but passengers as well. That’s just one industry that has embraced the e-publishing.  I think we are on the verge of E-readers becoming as popular as the library card, if not more so.

Burroughs made a splash when they partnered up with Chris Keeslar…  What was he like to work with?  (If he wasn’t your editor then tell us about your editing experience…)

Chris was an absolute sweetheart.  I didn’t know what to expect and he couldn’t have been more helpful and always made the changes as a choice for me to either accept or decline.  All of his suggestions and corrections made the story better.  I would have adopted him if that had been an option—besides the fact that I already have three big boys!

What have you learned so far that has surprised you?

I’m surprised there is so much to do in getting a book out.  It’s not just the editing process, but there are so many things that an author needs to have in place in the area of social media. My published friends tried to tell me, but I thought I had plenty of time. I’ve been playing catch up ever since. New writers—listen to those published authors! 

Please tell us about your book!

My premier book “Too Many Cooks” was released in July, in time for the RWA National Conference and I got to sign at the Literacy Event…what a thrill. The book came from a recurring dream. I must have been on one of my endless diets as I dreamed about food a lot and somehow Gaetano, the Italian Chef, appeared.

Thank you to both of our newest published authors!  It’s exciting to see your books go out into the world…


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