2012 Spring into Romance Contest Winners

RWA-SD is proud to announce the winners in the 2012 Spring into Romance contest: 

Contemporary Single Title Romance: Angela James (Executive Editor Carina Press) 

•1st Place: Clear As Glass – Lynn Kellan aka Lynn Wilson (full requested)
•2nd Place: Kiss Me Twice – Alexa Darin aka Alexis Hancock (full requested)
•3rd Place: Famous Complications – Carolyn Kurle
•Honorable Mention: Appointment with Danger – Judith A. Gallardo

Novel w/Strong Romantic Elements/Mainstream: Kevan Lyon (Marshal Lyon Literary Agency)

•1st Place: Wrestling with Alligators – Lateia Elam Sandifer (Full requested)
•2nd Place: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – Lila Gillard aka Lea Marie Taddonio
•3rd Place: Heaven and Earth – Rachael Davila***
•Honorable Mention: Boundaries – Christine Zilius Mason

Paranormal Romance: Sue Grimshaw (Category Specialist & Editor at Large Random House)
•1st Place: Tracked Through Time – Becky Lower
•2nd Place: Blood Sworn: The Shadow of Death – Trisza LeAnn Ray
•3rd Place: Halo Book 1: Arras – CT Green aka Cass Green 
•Honorable Mention: Shadowman – Linda Kelley

Historical Romance: Laura Bradford (Bradford Literary Agency) 

•1st Place: Sweet Surrender – Erin Satie aka Erin Bauer (Full and synopsis requested)
•2nd Place: Dealer’s Choice – Mayo M. Lucas (150 pages and synopsis requested)
•3rd Place: My Lady Untamed – Anna Cowan 
•Honorable Mention: The Telegraph Husband – Linda Gilman

Romantic Suspense: Leis Pederson (Associate Editor Berkley Publishing Group) 

•1st Place: Deadly Harvest – Judith A. Gallardo
•2nd Place: Night Hush – Leslie Jones
•3rd Place: Fill or Kill – K. McKinley aka Candace Lucas
•Honorable Mention: Mesmerized in Madagascar – GG Khaa aka Georgi Guthridge

Young Adult: Suzie Townsend (Nancy Coffey Literary & Media) 

•1st Place: Operation Breakup – Jeanmarie Anaya
•2nd Place: Retribution – Stephanie Baassler
•3rd Place: Keepers – Kelly Hayes*** 
•Honorable Mention: Malice in Wonderland – Maria Raylene aka Maria Bautista 

Category or Series Romance: Keyren Gerlach (Associate Editor Harlequin)

•1st Place: Inherited Family – Amanda Sumner (synopsis and three chapters requested)
•2nd Place: His Blackmailed Bride – Ella Audrey 
•3rd Place: An Unexpected Find – Elizabeth Hunter aka B.E. Beck
•Honorable Mention: Mandy’s Marine – Amy Lamont aka Amy Bender

*** Denotes RWASD Member

Multiple winners in the Honorable Mention category indicates a tie. 

We would like to thank all the entrants for their hard work and diligence, the SIRC Coordinators for their hard work and patience and perseverance, the 1st Round Judges for all their hard work and effort, and the Final Judges for taking time from their often killer schedules to help and support the chapter. We could not have done it without you!!! 

We look forward to seeing you next year and until then, keep writing!!!

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