New Release – The Playboy’s Gift

We’re pleased to welcome our chaptermate, Teresa Carpenter, to the blog today to tell us about her new Christmas release, The Playboy’s Gift

Here’s what Teresa had to say about the book…

Writing The Playboy’s Gift was a bittersweet joy. I always enjoy spending time with my characters, delving into their world, sharing in their triumphs and tribulations. But The Playboy’s Gift was special because it was the last of my Sullivan brothers series. I have a sister with seven girls and as a young writer I thought how fun to explore the romantic adventures of a large family. This led to the creation of the Sullivans of Paradise Pines.


The Sullivans are six brothers who suffered loss early in life yet with the help of their grandmother they’ve remained close and have built a strong family rich in tradition. Each story showcases one of the brothers finding his one true love. The Playboy’s Gift is Rett’s story. A reunion story with a secret baby twist, Rett goes from being a carefree bachelor in one moment to having an instant family in the next. And his co-guardian is the woman who broke his heart fifteen years ago. I invite you to enjoy Rett’s story as he rearranges his life to make room for the child and woman desperately in need of his love.


I’ll be happy to sign a copy for you at Barnes and Noble in Oceanside on 12/14/11 beginning at 6:30. Wishing you many hours of reading joy. Happy Holidays!


It looks like another great book to get you in the holiday spirit, or to wrap up and give to a friend…  There’s no better gift than a great story!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions for Teresa…  🙂

10 thoughts on “New Release – The Playboy’s Gift

    • I like the reunion stories, too. It amazes me how many stories I hear about high school sweethearts meeting online and getting together after twenty, thirty years. Real life love stories finding their happily ever afters. Too cool.

  1. Hope to see you at the signing on Wed… I’m sure this book will be filled with love and family, and pull on my heartstrings… you do that so well, Teresa. I look forward to the read!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Teresa, it sounds wonderful. I bought my copy at November meeting. I will miss the booksigning as I’ll be visiting my mom in Texas for her birthday, but you always have my support. Merry, merry Christmas!! Onward!!! sylvia

    • Sylvia, thanks for the support. I understand the importance of family. Happy birthday to your mom from me. Merry Christmas and a stellar new year to you.

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