New Release – Romancing Rudy Raindear

Hi everyone –

RWASD has had so many new sales and new releases, that it’s tough to keep up with them all!  It’s exciting and inspiring to see so many of our chaptermates work being published…

This month we’ve got quite a few new releases, so we’re going to be showcasing the titles and authors.  I think we contacted all of our members with December releases, but if I missed you, please email LdyDisney at and let me know.  We’d love to host you and your book!

Okay, first up is a new eBook release from our own PAN Liaison…

I’ll let Mary tell you about the book…

This is my favorite time of year, and it was so much fun to write about Rudy and Jenny in the magical Christmas town of North Pole, Main where getting on Santa’s Naughty List just might be exactly what Rudy needs to bring the true meaning of Christmas back into his heart. This book is part of the Sexy Secret Santa anthology: Naughty St. Nick and Kissing Kris Kringle are also available now.
Oh, and as an added bonus, Romancing Rudy Raindear also contains one of my Aunt Stella’s most guarded recipes for Anise Cookies, a family favorite. Of course, dear Aunt Stella is no longer with us. She passed away several years ago at age 94, most likely while still clutching her secret recipes.  It gave me such joy to add one of them to my book… ho ho ho!
Love and Happy Holidays!
You can check out the book here…
Thanks for visiting the blog Mary!!!

13 thoughts on “New Release – Romancing Rudy Raindear

  1. Awesome, Mary! I downloaded RUDY on my Kindle and I couldn’t help looking ahead to the end of the novella, just to see if I’m capable of making the cookies. What a great bonus in addition to your usual wonderful stories. 🙂

  2. Thanks Mary. Why did the anise cookies mention stick in my brain? Must be the holidays eat all you can mentality… What a great little early Christmas present for me–downloading Romancing Rudy Reindear straight to my Kindle. Anyhow, congratulaitons on this latest release and Merry Christmas!!!

    • Thanks, Sylvia! I think I’ve mentioned these cookies before and my aunt’s inability to allow anyone to have the recipe… I loved adding it to the book!
      A little sly fun!

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